A revolutionary advancement in inhalation research

SmartStudyis a long-sought after feature for inhalation research. Discover the only inhalation system with these key benefits:

  • Precision: Automatically stops exposure when user-defined target dose is achieved
  • Savings: Save days of offline calculation and research with automated aerosol diagnostics and characterization procedures
  • Safety: Remove a test subject without releasing aerosol into the lab
  • Flexibility: Modular structure with the ability to test multiple dosage groups on the exposure tower

Altogether, it all comes down to your time. SmartStudy technology with the Buxco® Inhalation System supports:

  • Reducing the margin of error for better data by stopping aerosol delivery and replacing it with fresh air
  • Decreasing animal count through targeted dosing resulting in fewer subjects required to achieve study significance.

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