Increasing world populations and ease of international travel are driving the need for better preparedness to protect the public from infectious disease outbreaks, as is evident with the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.  The scientific community works tirelessly to identify prevention and treatment options, but are chasing a villain that changes form as the virus mutates.  Research to identify virus-specific and universal vaccines as well as effective treatments is on-going.  

Complementary Toolkit

This complementary infectious disease toolkit with arm you with:

  • "Coronavirus: Assessing Pulmonary Function and Viral Load in a Novel Transgenic Mouse Model Infected with SARS-CoV" Case Study 
  • Bibliography of infectious disease studies citing use of DSI solutions 
  • A reference document showcasing all the solutions offered by DSI and other Harvard Bioscience brands. 
  • An in-depth video discussing inhalation solutions for COVID-19 research